Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh, the Mystery that is my Uterus

Ok, ultrasound today.

I don't have fibroids.

Everything looks normal.


How is it that 2 weeks ago, I had "a large mass" to now when everything is normal. And how it is that a CT scan saw something large, yet ultrasound didn't. Maybe my period was so masssive that it just cleared everything out. Could be... I hadn't had one that 'cleansing' since I was 17. Funny because when I was 17 it was normal.

Ok, so I talked to the nurse, and she asked how I was doing. Well, I'm still tender, sex is painful, and my sciatic pain is excrutiating. Oh and I haven't had a normal cycle in 10 years. She said she'd talk to the doctor and see what he suggests. Ok. Whatever.

Adoption paperwork, still plugging away. Just waiting on a few more documents, then we send it off to Juneau for apostille. I was talking with my hubby the other day, and I realized that I will feel a whole lot better about this stuff when it is taken out of our hands. Or my hands rather, since I have done 98% of the work.

Well, until next time.... same cramp time... same cramp site.....

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's Like a Bad Dream

I have started tackling the new document requirements for Russian adoptions. After looking over the requirements more carefully, I realized it was much more than just 4 more documents. The good news is that the medical stuff doesn't have to be taken care of until right before we travel. The hard part will be getting the appoitments, results, signitures, notary and apostille before we get on the plane.... the time frame seems like it will be very small because the documents will only be valid for a few months. We are entering our time crunch. We are due to leave this base in April of next year. Which means that the latest we can make our last trip will be February (to make sure we are here to out process the base in March). Which means our first trip has to be in Dec. or January. We still have to get our documents apostilled which may take one week, or since this is Alaska.... 3 years!!!! Also, when we get a referral it should be about a month before we travel, so... November. Who knows how long our agency will hold onto our dossier before they send it to Russia.

Needless to say, I'm a little stressed. I didn't intend this to be an adoption blog, but I guess that's what this is turning into. I guess since adoption occupies my every waking thought, it's appropriate.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lost in Space

I seem to be lost in the Blogger World. Nothing different from real life I guess. I kind of fit in with everyone else and nothing extraordinary really grabs attention. Would profuse swearing help? Maybe nude pictures... maybe I need to blog more often... no, that couldn't be it. I just have a hard time keeping up with things.... laziness I guess you could say.

Not much to update on our adoption. We got all of the documents for our dossier done and sent to our agency for proofing. We got an email Friday evening from our agency saying that in their re-accreditation process, 4 more documents are now required in dossiers. The first being a letter from the department that licenses our homestudy agency. Second, a detailed financial statement, third a detailed medical clearnance letter requesting lab results and reference numbers from different tests, i.e. Hiv, HepB, TB, and something else.... The last document, and this is a kicker: a letter from whoever licenses our medical doctor stating that they are, in fact, a Doctor. Let me tell you something about military doctors. I don't even have the same one that I had when our homestudy was done. He just processed to a different base. Second, our clinic doesn't know who is going to take his place yet. Third, it takes us a month to get an appointment as it is.... it just seems hopeless.

While we are on the topic of medical issues. I just found out last week that I have fibroids. I don't know anything else than that. I told my doctor in April that my stomach was very tender and as always my cycle was erratic. He didn't even examine me. I made an appt. for a gyn. exam and he found "something". He said he couldn't tell what it was, but wanted me to have a CT scan. I played phone tag with our radiology dept for 3 weeks before I got my scan. Then a couple of days later, I get a call from the radiology dept. and they want to schedule me for an ultrasound. "Hold on I say, my doctor wanted me to have a CT Scan which I had two days ago." She said, "yeah, he ordered an ultrasound for you yesterday." So, now I'm freaking out, why do I need an ultrasound? "You should call your doctor." Fine. I call and 7 hours later, I finally get to talk to a person. Fibroids. Large mass. Ultrasound. Those were the only words that I heard.

So, good patient that I am, I call radiology back to schedule my appt. "When do you expect your cycle to end?" the tech asks.

I giggle, "If you can tell me, I'll give you a million dollars. I have no idea."

She says, "Well, when was your last period?"


"Well, how long has your cycle been irregular?"

"Oh... for about 10 years now."

"Well, I can't schedule you until you start your cycle so call me back when you start."

"When I start? What if it's a month, 3 months?" I feel like my uterus is splitting as we speak, and you want me to wait LONGER!?!?

"Well, if it hasn't started in another month we'll go from there."


Can anyone see how I may be a little pissed? I should have been exercising my psychic abilities so that I would know, then this whole thing could have been avoided..... I would know when my period would start. I would have known I was going to get fibroids so I could tell my doctor what was wrong with me.

So, for now, I will go around with my swollen middle, looking like I am in my 5th month of pregnancy, and I will grit my teeth through the pain, and when my cycle starts, I'll go have my ultrasound. If I don't bleed to death first.

Honestly, I'm glad that there really is something wrong this time. At least there is an explanation.