Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When the Paint Dried....

I was left with this.

The first four are a 360 degree view of the room starting from the doorway. The fabric from the curtain was my inspiration for the theme. I copied the animals from the fabric and painted them on the wall, then I painted a grass border all the way around the room except behind the dresser. I still want to paint that shelf on the wall a dark brown. It's on my list. I also made the changing pad on the dresser and the pads on the rocking chair. The crap on the shelves is not staying.... I just need to find new places for it.

That lamp isn't staying either... but you know, finding new homes for things.
Hospital bag waiting to be packed. Currently the only things I have to put in it are a new toothbrush and a package of Kotex.

This is my first ever quilt. It's kind of gimpy, the squares aren't perfect, the actual quilting is bunched up a little bit, but I love it. The yellow gingham is actually Dani's old bedroom curtains repurposed. I hand quilted little stars and hearts in the blue squares. I really like how it turned out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I don't know what to write. Things are progressing. Things are good. I got the Squirt's bedroom painted and OMG I love it. I got the curtain done, and the quilt. Next I need to make cushions for my rocking chair. We also bought a dresser this weekend. A friend gave me ALOT of clothes, so I don't really need to go shopping for that stuff.

I keep forgetting that there are other things happening this summer besides having a baby. Dani's birthday is in 2 days. (By the way, her attitude greatly improves when she is grounded from talking to me. She is only allowed to communicate in notes and she hates it. But it works. She only lasts about an hour, but it is a peaceful hour.) I haven't gotten her any gifts yet, we had a combined birthday party with cake and ice cream this past weekend so we are off the hook for a party. However, I feel guilty that we won't be having a party but honestly, the way that she has been so aggravating and ungrateful, I don't think she deserves it. School is going to start before the baby comes so I have to do back to school shopping for her.

Mine and E's anniversary is the end of August. Then we only have a couple more weeks to wait for the Squirt.

Speaking of which, when I go into labor, I have 45 minute drive to the Navy hospital where my doctors are. If I go into labor during the work week, E will have to get home first to drive me adding another 30 minutes before we can even leave the house. That means, I may be in labor for over an hour before I even get to the hospital. And if they tell me that it is false labor and send me home, well I just might die.